Far over the misty mountains cold,

To dungeons deep and caverns old,

YellowBelly must away, ere break of day

To seek the pale enchanted gold.

The brewers of yore made mighty beers,

Atop summits of white, where all those fear,

In places deep, where dark things sleep,

In caverns full of Kellerbier.

For craft beer lovers, these ladies and lords,

There many a gleaming golden hoard,

T’was brewed by night and and kept from light,

But danger lurked in t’where it stored.


They rose from ice, formed from snow,

To protect the Keller, where none must go,

On a peak now quiet, and on a Lager diet,

The brewers they did overthrow.

Far over the misty mountains cold

To dungeons deep and caverns old

YellowBelly must away, ere break of day,

To claim this long-forgotten gold.

Goblets of Lager they had for themselves

Drank crisp and cold; where no man delves

There lay they long, and many a song

Was sung unheard by off-licence shelves.


Until there came a roaring might,

YellowBelly crashed in one dark cold night.

His fire was red, his sparks did spread;

The monsters like torches blazed with light.

Reduced to puddles, on cavern floor,

The ice beasts of the mountain, stalked no more

Keller for you, taps and and shopkeep too.

Was at last a reality for forever more.

Now his task had been complete,

YellowBelly had other promises to keep,

A crack, a whizz, a jump and a fizz,

A jump through time, more bad guys to beat.

Far over the misty mountains clear,

A tale the people now must share

YellowBelly did away, ere break of day,

And won back the golden Kellerbier.

This has been another YellowBelly Tale.

These tales explore the expanded universe of YellowBelly Beer and the stories behind the artwork across our various different beers.

Stay tuned to our Blog Post for more.

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