Sky Tigers …. ROAR!!!….

What started off as a joke on the Fine Ale Countdown (one of Ireland’s top beer podcasts) between their host Ben Clifford and our Salesman/Blogger/Brewer Danny, has now become a reality. Apparently Ben is a big fan of our designer Paul Reck, and so laid down a challenge to him on the podcast to come on board with his idea for a comic book/animated tv series ‘Sky Tigers’ – a crack team of tiger mercenaries trying to save the world, by dropping into combat zones from great heights.

This of course, was not forgotten after the podcast, with plenty of reminders from Ben & The Fine Ale Countdown.

According to Ben:


Little did he know, Paul was working on something behind the scenes, and yesterday, we released our very first look at ‘Sky Tigers’ and their leader STRYPE.


Who knows what is next for Sky Tigers, but we are hoping that we can someday further Ben’s dream of creating a comic/animated video of his beloved Sky Tigers.


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