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YellowBelly is one of Ireland’s leading breweries, dishing out a huge range of craft beers that always offer something new to beer drinkers. Under the guidance of Head Brewer Declan Nixon our mantra is to get the freshest beer possible into the hands of our customers.

Every YellowBelly Beer has been given individual artistic treatment by Creative Director Paul Reck, creating individual stories, illustrations and artwork for every beer release and expanding the YellowBelly Universe through a comic book series and animations. Since opening in 2015, this brewery has released over 300 beers.

Now in 2021 on top of brewing four flagship beers Citra Pale Ale, Kellerbier Unfiltered Lager, Pirate Bay Session IPA and Red Noir Dark Red Ale, YellowBelly keeps drinkers entertained with regular exciting limited edition releases.

The best way to keep up with new releases, is to follow their lively social media channels using @YellowBellyBeer or by subscribing to the mailing list below.




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