Immoral Support Returns

It’s Back! And this time we are willing to share!

Immoral Support is our latest craft beer release here at YellowBelly, the irresistible juicy Citra DIPA is just what you have been waiting for! It is powerfully hopped with a mountain of Citra for aromas and flavours full of orange, honeydew and pine.

This Citra DIPA has been at the back of our brewing brain pretty much since we passed the first iteration of Citra Pale Ale through our basement microbrewery in Wexford.

One blisteringly sunny day in July 2019, we finally got that chance, albeit on a small scale and it only took 52 people to brew it! The day was filled with sword fighting, giant Jenga, foosball on the big screen, meat on the BBQ and an epic craft beer name brainstorming session. Our loyal YellowBelly Beer Club members finally settled on the name “Immoral Support”. It was pretty Immoral of them after all, to make us brew such a tasty strong ale on such a small scale! But at least we had the mental and physical support eh?! A few weeks later, our motley family returned to the brewery and proceeded to drink the absolute lot. Good times.


Two years later, the Citra DIPA has returned, we even decided to share it out around the country!

The character behind the Immoral Support DIPA is YellowBelly's arch nemesis BlueBelly, regular disruptor of the small batch keg releases making his first appearance in canned form. Immoral Support is everything we know and adore in our flagship Citra Pale Ale with everything dialled up to the proverbial 11. A malt base of Belgian Pilsner, Munich and a wee touch of Wheat, with Huell Melon hops looking after the bitterness and the star of the show Citra jumping into the dry hop at a big ol' 20g/litre. Expect lashings of orange & pine on the tongue, rounded out with a full textured mouthfeel, and a dank hoop kick in the finish.

Immoral Support is available now from all good sauce merchants and in our shop, I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.


Much love,


Wee Declan

YellowBelly Beer Head Brewer



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