It has been an exciting few months here at YellowBelly, as we have finally been able to get some bottled beer around the country thanks to lots of hard work and our new distribution partner, Fourcorners. It is standard practice  for a new brewery to release a core range first, but we have never really done things normally at YellowBelly. Each bottled beer we bring out is a one off, limited edition release and the likelihood is that it will never be seen again. This might seem strange to your average punter but in our experience the craft beer drinker is always looking for something new, and the fact that we brew in relatively small batches allows us to be more unique in what beers we produce. We do plan on launching a core range in the not so distant future, but for us as a small brewery entering the market we wanted to blow people away with styles and flavours that they may not have experienced before. And that will always be part of the plan.

In July we launched beers 7, 8 and 9 on to the Irish public, Where’s Wallonia a Farmhouse Saison, Gose to Leipzig a Gose style beer and Great for the Town a strawberry sour. While obviously what’s most important is the liquid in the bottle, we are also very proud of our artwork on this series all provided by our ‘Artist in Residence’ Paul Reck. Cheers Paul!

Let’s start with Where’s Wallonia a farmhouse saison, and probably the reason for our first copyright infringement! This style of beer originated in Wallonia in Belgium hence our play on words and our heavily influenced label! It is a blonde Belgian style beer with added orange rind and fermented out with a saison yeast giving it its funky, peppery character. The orange rind gives the beer a fresh citrus aroma and slight bitterness. It pours a hazy golden orange colour with a strong white head synonymous with Belgian beer styles. It maintains quite a light body despite its 5.6% alcohol content, so it’s a perfect accompaniment to those long summer evenings.


And now for something completely different, Gose to Leipzig is one of our geographically inspired historical recipes, in this instance it is our play on the famous salt beer from Goslar, Germany. Its origins date back to the 16th century but by the 1800’s  it had become so popular in the city of Leipzig that they adopted it as their own. It is one of the only German beers that is brewed outside of the Reinheitsgebot Purity Law, it is permissible as it is considered a regional specialty.  Traditional ‘Gose’ beers achieve their saltiness from a water source that is high in salt content, we achieve ours through an addition of pink Himalayan rock salt, naturally. True to style we also add some coriander and our lactobacillus culture. The result is a slightly salty, tart, refreshing beer. It might sound a bit strange but I have recently done some public tastings of this beer and the reaction has been fantastic!


And last but not least, something a bit closer to home! Great for the Town is the most Wexford beer ever! Brewed with strawberries, YellowBelly himself in a 96 jersey and a hape of ‘snakes and rats’ on the label. It’s the latest installment in our fruit based Berliner-Weiss style beers. It’s a good entry level sour beer as the fruit and tartness of the strawberries balance out the acidity of the souring culture. A really refreshing summer beer. It pours a cloudy pink and the aroma is all about the strawberry. Desh!


All three beers are currently available locally in Simon Lambert and Sons, and many other good off-Licences throughout the county. For outlets further afield message us and we will direct you to your nearest stockist.

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