Franciscan Well, Cork, January 2017.

We had just solved our first case of the evening. Who would sleep in which bed at our lodgings of 221B Wellington Street. I had quickly observed that one was significantly larger than the other and more suitable in length for a towering fellow like myself. Our landlady, Mrs Hudson (or I think that was her name), offered us breakfast for the morning after, however, we knew this would be a futile ambition and politely declined. She handed us our key and pointed us towards the direction of Cork’s quays.

We turned our collars up to the wind, adjusted our hats and strolled into the night.

Rain crashing. Wind sweeping. Franciscan Well. Cask pouring.

As we peered around a busy beer garden at an array of cask handles, friendly faces and into the warming flames of a pizza oven, we knew we had found our port in the storm. Such frenzied weather only occurs whenever Team YellowBelly step foot into a plane, train or automobile. This night was no exception.

We found a lofty perch upon a barrel and settled in for the night.

I lit my pipe and turned to my travelling companion, Dr. Nixon.

“I deduce you could use a pint, dear Nixon.”

I puffed deeply. He looked at me blankly and responded in his northern hue.

“Yew’ve been watchin’ ‘Sherlock’ again haven’t cha.”

I spluttered as I realised I had never smoked a pipe before.

“Yeah… sorry.”



Back to reality.

A huge thank you to the Franciscan Well for taking so many of our beers for the Festival. It was great to catch up with other breweries and some great supporters for what we are doing here in Wexford. And as always, some top notch pizza.

We were delighted to walk away with two awards for our ‘The Passion’ Passionfruit Lager in the Beoir Cask Competition; First Place in ‘Best Beer of the Festival‘ and it also won ‘Best Speciality Beer.’ Thanks to the Beoir judges for their hard work and organisation.

Here’s Assistant Brewer, Darragh Barnes, looking delighted. As were we all. It was a cracking way to start the year.

See you at the next festival.




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