Face Puckering

Light, Sour & Zingy Citrus Flavours

Quality Assured

Brewed with only the finest Belgian malts and our house lactobacillus culture under the careful watch of our Head Brewer, Declan Nixon.


This beer is only 1.5% ABV. Perfect for if you are just having the one, or looking for something for a long session.

Han Shot First

Designed in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.


Limited Edition Beer. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. 

Style: Micro Sour

ABV: 1.5%


From the warped mind of our very own Space Cadet Declan Nixon comes the latest release from YellowBelly Beer. ‘Han SoLow‘ is a micro sour ale coming in at a mind-blowing 1.5%. What it lacks in alcohol it certainly makes up for in buckets of face puckering flavour. Delicate aromas of banana and toffee emanate from the glass with flavours of watermelon and apple pie providing the backbone. The finish is clean and palate scrubbing with a decent level of carbonation. Look out for it in the usual haunts.