Great Tasting

Face puckering, sour, passionfruit sweetness.

Quality Assured

Brewed with only the finest Belgian malts and our House Lactobacillus Culture under the careful watch of our Head Brewer, Declan Nixon.

Best Enjoyed

Castaway is our desert island beer. This passionfruit sour is best enjoyed in rare Irish sunshine, warm weather or crowded bars with excessive heat.


Our artwork for this beer is inspired by the Tom Hank’s classic, ‘Castaway’.


Seasonal Beer – Mostly found during the Summer Months, but from time to time as a limited release. 

Style: Passionfruit Sour

ABV: 4.2%


The perfect sour. Our house Berliner Weisse recipe (soured with our, continuously evolving, barrel stored lactobacillus culture) conditioned on a small tropical islands worth of passionfruit. Expect a lovely fruity aroma, more fruit on the tongue, and even more fruit on the finish all rounded with a gentle acidity from the souring process.