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YellowBelly Hop Rocket – The Game

Please note – This game is designed specifically for a Desktop Browser or an iPad/Tablet.
Our hero ‘YellowBelly’, who you might be already familiar with, takes to the skies in a side scrolling adventure for an epic aerial battle to foil the plans of his evil twin ‘BlueBelly’. The villain has orchestrated an assault on our brewery using his Clockwork Warships to steal our much guarded beery secrets. Have you got what it takes to help YellowBelly protect recipes from falling into evil hands?

Control your own airship to destroy, bash or avoid waves of incoming enemy ships as well as going toe-to-toe with BlueBelly at various stages, which increase with difficulty as the game progresses.Game for 18+ only. Please enjoy YellowBelly Beer responsibly. Visit


Desktop: Use the Directional Arrows on your Keyboard to Move and use Spacebar to Fire. You can also drag your mouse around the screen and benefit from the Auto-Fire Function. Enjoy!

iPad/Tablet: Drag your finger around the screen and YellowBelly will Auto-Fire.


1st Place: Brendan Sewell: 80,255

2nd Place: Paul Doyle: 12,110

3rd Place: Reuben Gray: 9875

4th Place: Peter Hopkins: 8820

5th Place: Michael Culleton: 2067

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