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SippyFest 2016

Hey Folks,

Here are a few snippets from the epic SippyFest Craft Beer Festival at Guildhall Derry which we attended last weekend along with a whole host of other great Irish breweries. On tap, we were pouring YellowBelly Lager, Summer Mixed Fruit Lager, Citra Pale Ale, The Hangover Dry-Hopped Amber, G’Way IPA, Castaway, For Whom the Sour Trolls, Salubrious Stout and our Hope Beer collaboration, Peach & Blueberry Sour.

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SippyFest 2016 | Derry

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See You Next Year

SippyFest Team Photo

SippyFest Team Photo: (L-R) Paddy Mullan, Nicky Lambert, Declan Nixon, Seamus Redmond

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57 The Headline | The Blog

Dublin, home to Dustin the Turkey, The Bagatelles and thinking you’re better than everybody else. It’s also where 57 The Headline is located, one of the best craft beer bars in the country. Where better for Team YellowBelly to host its first Dublin tap takeover, nowhere that’s where! No half measures this time as 12 great beers and 4 staff members made the short trip up the N11. Nick and Dec in the jeep, Darragh and I in the Peugeot. Seamus couldn’t attend as it was his 2nd cousins Bar Mitzvah.

We were last to leave, delayed by Darragh’s 45-minute grooming routine, but it seemed to be worth it. He was looking fresh. We made a quick stop off at the Maxol garage before we left. Diesel and a sandwich. We were already running late so I had to eat my sambo in transit, I could tell Darragh was pretty impressed by my daredevil antics. He looked on in awe as I easily juggled gear changing, wheel turning and chicken eating, all the while maintaining a decent level of conversation.  Local Heroes Basciville were the soundtrack to this Road-trip. While we both enjoyed the classic ‘Sweetheart Rodeo’, we agreed that the criminally underrated ‘Sweet October’ was the best song on the EP. We sung along and speculated on the identity of the songs returning emigrant.

First Stop was the free Dart carpark in Greystones. This provided a safe but most importantly free place to leave the car overnight, and avoid the mayhem that is evening traffic in Dublin City. We just had time to go 10 minutes out of our way to the nearest O’Briens and stock up on beer for the 40-minute train journey. Fully branded in YellowBelly t-shirts we zipped up our jackets to avoid being recognized. We were on a tight schedule and didn’t have time for autographs and pleasantries. Two cans each, out the door, onto the train. We sipped our beverages and looked out at one of the most picturesque train views in the world. We gazed at the beautiful mansions around Dalkey and Kiliney, I pointed at one and told Darragh it was Bono’s. I had no idea if it was or not, but he seemed to get a kick out of it. We hopped off at Pearse Street and hailed a taxi.

We arrived at our destination at 6pm. Dec and Nick were already there, and getting themselves fully up to speed with The Headlines food offerings. We joined them for a pre-match burger. The place was already starting to fill up and the beer was flowing. It really was a who’s who of the Irish beer scene. Bloggers, brewers, barmen, bakers, and candlestick makers. Everyone was there.  I chatted to John aka @thebeernut and tried to get a sneaky look at his notebook but to no avail. G’way IPA was the first to hit the dust and in general seemed to be the hit of the night, as well as the ever-popular Castaway. I was schmoozing away and just about holding it together until……..Salubrious Stout. The brainchild of Declan and home brewer extraordinaire Mark Lucey dealt the knockout blow. A 9%, silky, oak aged stout that was just having a laugh really. It was time to leave. Nick had the unenviable task of bringing us home in the back of his jeep. It’s being fumigated as we speak.

Thanks to Geoff, Maire and everyone at 57 The Headline for looking after us and for hosting the best beer-y night of 2016.

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New YellowBelly Tales | Issue 9 | Little Red

Enjoy our latest edition of YellowBelly Tales entitled ‘Little Red’ in celebration of our recent Red Ale release of the same name.

Let us know what you think by tweeting @yellowbellybeer or leaving us a comment below.

Click here for more information on YellowBelly Beer’s ‘Little Red’ Red Ale.

Click here for more comics. 

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.

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Maiden Voyage…

Ah the North….. home of the Wexford accent, the Ulster fry (there is no difference), and our Head Brewer Declan Nixon. It was also the destination for another YellowBelly road trip. I was to be picked up by Bossman Lambert and his trusty sidekick Shambo. Fashionably late of course, the boys pulled up in Shambo’s battered black Opel, sporting matching blue jumpers and white shirt combinations. They were looking smart. I took a look at my own get-up, stylish yet understated. Our looks were on point; we were ready to go.

We had barely been on the road an hour before Bossman Lamberts stomach began to grumble. A hunger only 2 Burger King meals could satisfy. I opted for a salad. We looked in disgust as a man, our boss, took down two Chicken Royale meals in less than 5 minutes. It was horrendous. After what seemed like an eternity Shambo came back from the toilet and we were ready to hit the road again. God knows what he was doing in there! Rumours of a secret double cheeseburger remain unfounded. The ketchup stain on his newly pressed white shirt would never stand up in court.

Next stop Derry, The Maiden City and our Maiden visit. We were hitting up The Blackbird for a tap takeover. Well, we brought three beers with us so it was more of a ‘Tap Anschluss’, but that doesn’t really have the same ring to it and might lead to more questions than answers, so we stuck with Tap Takeover. But before we headed to the pub we had to call up to the Nixon household and collect our head brewer. As we walked up to the house we were met with a rather touching image. An image usually more akin to a halting site, but touching none the less.


As soon as Declan had finished getting his hair done and doing his Liam Gallagher impression we left. Our home for the night was the Travelodge in Derry City, conveniently placed above a Wetherspoons. We quickly unpacked (placed bags on floor), branded ourselves and headed out. The Blackbird was only a short stroll away. Dec was leading the talk as we were on his turf, it was reassuring to find out that nobody could understand him here either, even in his own hometown and it wasn’t just us down south! As he rabbited on about YellowBelly (I Think), I took the oppurtunity to chat up his mother. Here I am in full flow-


The night was a great success, a good few pints of Citra followed by a couple of cheeky Old Fashioned’s lubricated us all nicely. We moved on from the Blackbird and made our way to some other pub that I can’t remember. We managed to get some late drinks based on our YellowBelly identity, like rockstars, it was at that point we knew we had finally made it as a brewery. The rest of the night was a blur, only pieced back together in the morning with the help of Bossman Lambert and the kebab ingredients stuck to my face.

Thanks to all the staff from The Blackbird and that pub that gave us a lock in, and everyone that came to drink our beer! Much appreciated, see ya’s all soon.



Check out our gallery of pics from our tap takeover at The Blackbird Derry & snaps from the Portrush Beer & Food Festival 2016.

Many thanks to the organisers and all of those who attended both events.
You can click here to check them out on Flickr.

Derry/Portrush – Tap Takeovers & Festivals

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Derry Tap Takeover & Portrush Beer Festival

Check out our gallery of pics from our tap takeover at The Blackbird Derry & snaps from the Portrush Beer & Food Festival 2016.

Many thanks to the organisers and all of those who attended both events.
You can click here to check them out on Flickr.

Derry/Portrush – Tap Takeovers & Festivals

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Sky Tigers… Roar..

Sky Tigers …. ROAR!!!….

What started off as a joke on the Fine Ale Countdown (one of Ireland’s top beer podcasts) between their host Ben Clifford and our Salesman/Blogger/Brewer Danny, has now become a reality. Apparently Ben is a big fan of our designer Paul Reck, and so laid down a challenge to him on the podcast to come on board with his idea for a comic book/animated tv series ‘Sky Tigers’ – a crack team of tiger mercenaries trying to save the world, by dropping into combat zones from great heights.

This of course, was not forgotten after the podcast, with plenty of reminders from Ben & The Fine Ale Countdown.

According to Ben:


Little did he know, Paul was working on something behind the scenes, and yesterday, we released our very first look at ‘Sky Tigers’ and their leader STRYPE.


Who knows what is next for Sky Tigers, but we are hoping that we can someday further Ben’s dream of creating a comic/animated video of his beloved Sky Tigers.


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The Great Irish Beer Festival 2016 [GALLERY]

Check out our gallery of pics from the Great Irish Beer Festival, Cork, Sept 22 – 24, 2016.
Many thanks to the organisers and all of our fellow microbrewery friends for a great weekend.
You can click here to check them out on Flickr.

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YellowBelly Beer Receives Top Industry Design Award

Press Release – Tuesday 20th September

YellowBelly Beer, one of Ireland’s newest microbreweries based in Wexford, have just scooped the very first ‘Design of the Year’ Award from Beoir, the independent consumer group responsible for supporting and raising awareness of Ireland’s native microbreweries.

The brewery has been making waves in the Irish drinks industry and amongst craft beer drinkers since opening their doors in 2015 with an exciting range of beers and accompanying illustrations featured across their branding, labels and even their own comic book series, all of which is created by YellowBelly Beer’s designer Paul Reck.

Beoir Chairman, Reuben Gray, presented the award at YellowBelly Beer’s current home, Simon Lambert & Sons brewpub in Wexford Town. “This award is an acknowledgment from our members that there are many Irish microbreweries really pushing the boundaries of their artwork and branding at the moment which is of huge benefit to the growing market share of Irish microbrewed beer being consumed in Ireland” said Gray. “YellowBelly Beer are recipients of our first ‘Design of the Year’ Award due to constantly reinventing their truly unique artwork across labels, branding, merchandise and their comic book series which is of a world class standard.”

YellowBelly Beer are currently expanding their brewery at a brand new unit in Wexford, increasing their production capacities to supply more of their award-winning beers to the Irish market as well as setting themselves up for export which they hope to get underway in 2017.

You will currently find all of their latest beers at Simon Lambert & Sons in Wexford, as well as a number of independent off-licences and craft beer focused pubs throughout Ireland.

For more information on YellowBelly Beer visit For information on Beoir, visit

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ABV 2016 ……

Darragh and I met at the pub at 9am. He started to keg the beer, I ordered our breakfast. No beans on mine, extra sausage for Darragh. Our mission was simple, get a keg of YellowBelly beer over the border in time for the evening session of the ABV beer festival in Belfast. Bossman Lambert and Head Otter had brought up the rest of the beer on Thursday but had left one behind.  Cue Danny and Darragh to the rescue! We had been studying our Northern Ireland phrasebook all night and drinking bottles of ‘Football Special’ all week. We stocked up on Gaviscons, and Rennies and we were ready to rock.

We hit the road at 10am, the precious cargo lying in the boot of my Peugeot 407. The cargo in question was ‘For whom the Sour Trolls’, YellowBelly’s latest kettle sour. We don’t like taking our beer out of cold storage, so we knew we had to move fast, while keeping within the designated speed limit of course. Music was an early issue, I only had 2 CD’s in the car, a rookie mistake for such a long journey. We put it down to experience and threw on the first of our options. A Toots and the Maytals compilation. An excellent album, but coming in at just 56 minutes and 36 seconds it was never going to satisfy our musical cravings over a 4 hour journey up north. Next up was Belle and Sebastian and their seminal album ‘Dear Catastrophe Waitress’. A beautifully melodic album which drew many influences from 90’s indie and Britpop. Darragh wasn’t impressed, he was too nice to say anything and he never would, but I knew.

Radio filled the gaps, Darragh took on the role of changing stations as I kept both hands firmly grasped on the wheel. We knew we were getting near our destination as soon as the signs changed colour and the roads became smoother. Our destination was the Carlisle Memorial Church, the venue of ABV16. Initial issues with parking were easily resolved by ignoring the parking attendant and making our way inside, clutching our single keg.

We were met with a beer lovers dream. 30 taps, beer cocktails, Munich beer hall style bench seating, tasting events every half hour and really helpful festival staff. All housed in the most beautiful setting I have ever come across. Almost too good for a beer festival.


Keg dropped and familiar faces greeted with a knowing nod. Mission completed, but the fun was only just beginning. We booked ourselves into our first beer tasting. A barrel aged beer tasting with Marble brewery’s head brewer/rockstar Jonny Read. Jonny was a bit worse for wear from Friday night’s festivities but soldiered on and took us through Marbles barrel aged offerings. It was 2.30pm and we were already tipsy.

We hit up a few sneaky pale ales after this to allow our bodies to catch up. My personal favourite was ‘Verdant Lightbulb Pale Ale’ a super juicy pale ale from Cornwall.


But as we are all sour beer fiends these days it wasn’t long until the Rennies got their first outing. They were matched firstly with a surprisingly nice Pineapple and Jalapeno Sour from Alphabet Brewery. It had just the right amount of chilli heat and didn’t take away from the other subtle flavours of the beer.


The afternoon session wrapped up at 4pm and we were probably un-wisley let loose on to the streets of Belfast. We had 2 hours to kill and we killed it drinking whiskey in ‘The Duke of York’ with the Galway Bay boys and girl. This is where things start to get a little hazy.

One of the last things I remember is the distinct lack of sub 8% beers on the evening session menu. What I do remember though is attending an excellent talk on spontaneous and mixed fermentation hosted by the ‘Belgian Beer Smaak’ and drinking a hape of Russian Imperial Stouts at the bar afterwards. I’m assured we were very well behaved and represented the YellowBelly brand excellently! Here’s some pictures of beers that I can’t remember.

But in all seriousness I want to thank everybody involved with ABV16 for putting on an amazing festival and for being so helpful for its duration. I can’t wait for ABV17 and our next mission.

If you want to check out our festival antics live and in the flesh then get down to ‘The Great Irish Beer Festival’ in Cork city on the 23rd,24th and 25h of September. Check out our website for more info.

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2016 The Year of the Sour


A blog by YellowBelly Danny – Follow him @DannyTrappe on Twitter

2016 has been a very inventive year so far for Irish breweries, with many embracing the relatively recent phenomenon of sour beer. For many drinkers this is a step too far, and I would certainly describe it as a niche within a niche, But if you are lucky enough to develop a fondness for sour beer then a whole new world of craft beer has opened up to you. It has certainly become a passion for me! It can shock people upon their first tasting, but I always suggest to customers to have a second sip as your taste buds will begin to get used to the initial acidity and the other subtle flavours of the beer will begin to emerge.

Historically all beers would have been sour. Early beer makers would have been unaware of yeast and its fermenting prowess. Once these early settlers had made their sugary malt beverage they would have left it in pots, open to the elements. A spontaneous fermentation would occur due to the presence of wild yeast in the atmosphere and beer would be created. I bet they couldn’t believe their luck! This beer would have had a certain funky sourness and would have been highly acidic. In Belgium, the home of sour brewing today, this spontaneous fermentation practice is somewhat controlled by the hand skilled brewers.The beer is left cool beside open slatted windows and a system of fans encourage the passing yeast and bacteria to spoil the beer. This beer is then sent to oak barrels to begin its fermentation. Once ready the beer is either blended or further aged on fruit. While the Belgian method calls for a sour fermentation in wood, most Irish breweries practice a technique known as ‘Kettle Souring’, which involves adding a sour culture into the boil kettle rather than the fermentation vessel. The beer is then boiled in order to kill the bacteria while still maintaining its acidic quality, this keeps the fermentation area free from wild yeast and bacteria which allows breweries to brew non sour beers alongside a sour program. Kettle Sours are then fermented with an ale yeast under controlled conditions.

YellowBelly have released a host of sours this year, as they have become a bit of an obsession among all brewing staff and thankfully the Wexford drinking public! In my opinion Wexford town is becoming the ‘Irish Sour Capital’ of Ireland, feck your European Capital of Culture, this is the one that really matters. Currently on the beer rating app ‘Untapped’ Wexfords favourite beer style is listed as sour beer, which I assure you is not solely down to the YellowBelly brewers! Castaway our passion fruit sour and Great for the Town our strawberry sour broke all sales records in our local stockists which was unthinkable when we started brewing just over a year ago. It’s amazing how local people’s palates have changed.


(Pic courtesy of Son0vagun

Our latest sour offering, and the funnest beer name to say ever is our new Berliner-Weiss Jack Bauer’s Power Shower Sour. It is a little different from our previous offerings as this time there is no added fruit. Just a straight up sour. This allows our in house sour culture to be the star of the show. Beautifully tart and refreshing with a slightly sweet finish. Only 3.8% as well so a real summer quaffer. Stocks as usual are limited!

Jack Bauer's Power Shower Sour. A Berliner Weisse golden sour beer from YellowBelly Beer.

There are also some other great Irish sours on the market at the moment, most notably from the north west of the country. Joe Kearns the head brewer for White Hag in Sligo also shares our passion for creating beautiful sours. A personal favourite of mine is The Púca a dry hopped lemon sour. Born from an experiment by Joe where he added lactic acid to a wheat beer to see what it tasted like, a cracking beer was the result! Really refreshing and really sour, another quaffer, coming in at 3.7%. Kinnegar Brewing in Donegal are also knocking out some top quality sours, such as their latest ‘Walla Walla’ Rhubarb and Ginger Sour. Both well worth seeking out.

So there you have it, a brief insight into the fledgling sour scene in Ireland. If you are looking to dip your toe into the sour sea, get down to Simon’s and we will try and convert you or seek us out in your local independent off licence or beer festival!