Back in March, we had the pleasure of hosting our legendary suppliers of malt, Castle Maltings from Belgium and Loughran Family Malts of Dundalk, alongside with Bruno (Castle’s malt specialist and yeast wrangler at Brasse & Vous) here at HQ for a Belgian inspired brewday.

We had settled on a clone of a well known Belgian Witbier (often served with a chunk of orange 😉 ) and kept the brewday nice and traditional, even employing a decoction mash!

We used Chateau Pils and Wheat Blanc for our malt bill, German Magnum for our bittering hop addition with a little Goldings addition right at the end of the boil. We deviated from the original recipe slightly with the addition of Amarillo alongside the Coriander and Orange Peel, with the intention being to bump up all our citrus flavours and aromas.

And how does it taste? It has a really lovely fruity character, subtle spices, bangin’ citrus notes and aromatic hints of coriander. It’s SUPER pale, really juicy and at 5% ABV, it’s really easy drinking. Enjoy.

Big love to Bruno (Castle Maltings) and James Loughran (Loughran Family Malt) for making it happen, it was a joy to brew.

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