Collaboration with Whiplash (Ireland). Keg only release. 

Style: Amarillo Dry-Hopped Saison.

ABV: 5.8%


Two words. Endangered Bap.


Quite like how most great ideas are born, the name came about after a long night of drinking at our Waterford Tap Room, Grady’s Yard, with two of our life long loves – Alex and Alan of Whiplash. As everyone knows, the Waterford Blaa is a protected species of floury bap around that part of Ireland, and to recognize its cultural importance, we have placed it firmly on our ‘Endangered Bap List’. Before we could find any other bread products potentially requiring our expert attention, thankfully the night ended, and we carried Alan back to his Man-Butler Jeeves at his 5-Star Hotel and treated Alex to a tour of Waterford’s finest kebabaries.


Oh yeah, the beer. Also important. Firstly, it’s a keg only release. This is a Saison excessively dry-hopped with Amarillo for intense aroma and flavour. We’ve built a solid malt base using Pilsner, Flaked Barley and Torrified Wheat to create this full-bodied beverage. We ran the wort into our whirpool with the first hop addition of Amarillo pellets at 5g/l offering up a nice pungent aroma of clementine. The beer was fermented out in ‘Ren’ (Side Note: Our fermentors are named: ‘Ren’, ‘Stimpy’, ‘Bert’, ‘Ernie’, ‘Rick’, ‘Morty’.) using a custom saison strain from the Wicklow Hops Company. The final step was a hefty dry-hop of Amarillo at 10g/l at the end of fermentation.


The resulting beer is epic. It’s all about that aroma, flavour and mouth-feel. There is that distinctive Amarillo bouquet of citrus and pithy-orange aromas, which is carried through into a really saporous full-bodied saison with flavours of bubblegum, spice, lemon meringue and even more orange. The finish is smooth with some authentic saison dryness. Carbonation is on the lower end for the style, intensifying the full body and silky mouthfeel. Basically, it’s blooming gorgeous. Remember, this beer is endangered, and won’t be around for long. Catch it while you can.


Ps. Big love to our mates at Whiplash for hooking up with us for the collab. We love you long time.


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